Our job is to guarantee you the correct re-signification of a message through the capacity to comprehend its meaning and effectively express it in another language. In order to achieve this, we have the experienced staff you need; despite common belief, mastering one or several foreign languages is not enough to be able to translate on a professional level.


We have the best translators, interpreters and linguists, all of them with a university degree in the corresponding field and valuable experience. We can offer a wide array of linguistic solutions in every language and with the highest quality.


Isadora Mora

Founder & Conference interpreter

She has a bachelor's Degree in Latin-American Studies from IHEAL, La Sorbonne. She holds a French>English simultaneous interpretation certificate from the New York University. She works in Mexico since 2009 both as translator and conference interpreter, has provided service to more than 100 public and private companies; worked over 350 interpreting days and translated more than 3 millions words​. 

She has successfully interpreted highly specialized/sensitive conferences, celebrities, Heads of State and has extensive experience interpreting at FCPA audits. 

She is in charge of the design and management of interpretation services (interpreters teams, booth, console, technicians, receivers, booth location, receivers’ distribution, etc.) for private and public companies and

has expirience with the the localization of texts into Mexican Spanish.

Visit her web page.

Team of experts

You will find in each one of our qualified experts :


  • The experience and ability needed on a practical, sociolinguistic, textual, lexical and grammatical level.

  • Consciousness about cultural differences and knowledge about the world in general.

  • Mastery of particular areas of his/her specialty.

  • Expertise about principles, processes, methods and procedures related to professional translation.

  • Capable management of original documents and translation technology.

  • Fulfillment of confidentiality agreements and the utmost degree of ethics.



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Mobile: +52 1 55-14137401



Bridging the cultural divide!


Bridging the cultural divide!

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