“Mimic the speaker to the best of our ability so that the thoughts in the head of the speaker would be the thoughts implanted into the head of the listener, that was the purpose of interpreting."

Peter Less
Interpreter at the Nuremberg trials 

Interpretation, as opposed to translation, deals with oral communication. An interpreter works in real time and deals with a speech of about 150 words per minute. The interpreter has little or no time to consult dictionaries, which is something translators normally do. This makes preparation before each assignment all the more essential for an interpreter. Having the materials to do so becomes crucial for an excellent performance. There are different modes of interpretation : simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, sight, escort interpreting and  Over the Phone Interpretation.


We use the best simultaneous interpretation equipment and  ISO4043 booths.


Our interpreters are the best, they all hold a university degree on Conference interpreting and valuable experience. We can offer a vast array of linguistic solutions in all languages and with the highest quality.


If FCPA audits are part of your needs, we are your best solution. 


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"Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence."

George Steiner


Translation is a basic communication tool whose goal is to re-signify a text from a source language (original language) to a new equivalent text in a target language (the language into which the text will be translated). Our job is to guarantee you the correct re-signification of a message through the capacity to comprehend its meaning and effectively express it in another language. In order to achieve this, we have the experienced staff you need; despite common belief, mastering one or several foreign languages is not enough to be able to translate on a professional level.


We have a specialized translator available in the following areas: informative, financial and commercial, technical, scientific, legal and literary.


We can also provide certified or sworn translations


You will find in each one of our qualified experts :

The experience and ability needed on a practical, sociolinguistic, textual, lexical and grammatical level. Consciousness about cultural differences and knowledge about the world in general. Mastery of areas of specialty. Full command of principles, processes, methods and procedures related to a professional translation. Capable management of original documents and translation technology. Fulfillment of confidentiality agreements and the utmost degree of ethics. 


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